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Heart Logos
The section that launched the website.

"Raider Heart" Designs

#001 Heart (gray)
GIF 100x175

#002 Heart (red, seen at the top of page)
GIF 120x195

#003 Heart (from MCIS booklet)
GIF 126x17581

#004 Heart (white heart, black background)
GIF 158x238

#005 Heart (blurry red)
GIF 100x175

#006 Heart (black heart, white background from Siamese Dream booklet)
GIF 100x150

#007 Heart (logo on red guitar pick)
JPG 109x127

#008 Heart (logo on red guitar pick, better quality than above)
JPG 115x132

#009 Heart (flaming)
JPG 230x374

#010 Heart (red heart, white background)
JPG 107x179

#011 Heart (blue/gray glossy)
JPG 269x427

#012 Heart (glowing green, looks like the X-Files logo)
JPG 205x336

#013 Heart (glowing green)
JPG 205x336

#014 Heart (flaming) by spumpkin
GIF 124x190

#015 Heart (red with liquid blue background) from Manuel
JPG 800x600

#016 Heart (red tattoo) on AeroplaneZero04
JPG 800x600

Animated GIF Hearts

#001 Animated Heart (color changing)
GIF 20x36

#002 Animated Heart (neon orange flickering)
GIF 49x60

#003 Animated Heart (blue glowing animated) by DSOTM
GIF 134x214

#004 Animated Heart (rainbow glowing) by DSOTM
GIF 134x214

#005 Animated Heart (lighthouse guitar pick)
GIF 39x38

#006 Animated Heart (burning) by Wes Taylor
GIF 99x150

#007 Animated Heart (rainbow guitar pick) by Onnolee Jansen
GIF 100x100


Spinning Hearts

#001 Spinning Heart (red spinning)
GIF animated 50x91

#002 Spinning Heart (spinning high-resolution)
GIF animated 125x125


Cross Logos (post-Adore)

#001 Cross Logo (white logo, red background)
GIF 46x75


ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

#001 ASCII Heart (external link) by beetle87

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