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Nineteen eighty-eight. A year where CDs began to outsell cassette tapes, GNR rocked, and U2 dominated the Grammys. It was the beginning of many great things, including the birth year of several important bands. This section chronicles the Pumpkins' American rock contemporaries and their releases and separations through the 1990's and beyond. Hopefully this table can better explain the chronology of 90's music. For an extensive Pumpkins chronology, visit Starla.

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KEY: Group's last year of activity (breakup) Artist still actively recording or touring Major studio album
Group Smashing Pumpkins Alice In Chains Beck Blind Melon Hole Jane's Addiction Live Marilyn Manson Nine Inch Nails Nirvana Pearl Jam Soundgarden Stone Temple Pilots
Origin 1988, Chicago 1987, Seattle 1991, Los Angeles 1989, Los Angeles 1989, Los Angeles 1986, Los Angeles 1987, York, PA 1989, Tampa Bay 1988, Cleveland 1985, Aberdeen, WA 1990, Seattle 1984, Seattle 1990, San Diego
Pre-'88 - 87: First concert - - - 87: Jane's Addiction 87: First concert - - - - ? -
1988 First concert   - - - Nothing's Shocking   -   First recording - Ultramega OK -
1989     -           Pretty Hate Machine Bleach - Louder Than Love -
1990   Facelift -     Ritual de lo Habitual         First demos   First concert
1991 Gish       Pretty on the Inside   Mental Jewelry     Nevermind Ten Badmotorfinger  
1992   Dirt   Blind Melon                 Core
1993 Siamese Dream                 In Utero Vs.    
1994     Mellow Gold   Live Through This   Throwing Copper Portrait of An American Family The Downward Spiral Cobain death Vitalogy Superunknown "Purple"
1995 Mellon Collie Alice In Chains   Soup

Hoon death

      Smells Like Children   x      
1996     Odelay         Antichrist Superstar   x No Code Down on the Upside Tiny Music...
1997             Secret Samadhi     x   Official breakup

Greatest Hits

1998 Adore x Mutations Official breakup Celebrity Skin     Mechanical Animals   x Yield x  
1999   x Midnite Vultures x     The Distance to Here   The Fragile x   x No. 4
2000 Machina

Official breakup

x   x       Holy Wood   x Binaural x  
2001 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits   x     V     x   x Shangri-La Dee Da
2002 x Staley death Sea Change Greatest Hits Official breakup         Greatest Hits Riot Act x  
2003 x x   x x Strays Birds of Pray Golden Age of Grotesque   x   x Greatest Hits
2004 x x   x x Official breakup Greatest Hits Greatest Hits   x Greatest Hits x x
2005 x Reformation? Guero x x x     With Teeth x   x x
2006 Reformation ? The Information x x x Songs from Black Mtn x Pearl Jam x x
2007 Zeitgeist ?   x x x   Eat Me, Drink Me Year Zero x   x x

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