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Q: When are The Smashing Pumpkins eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
A: 2016 (25 years after the release of Gish)


Q: What is the name origin of The Smashing Pumpkins?
A: Unknown
, there are multiple stories... see Origin of Bandnames for more data.


Q: Is the Greatest Hits Bonus Album titled "Judas O" (the alphabet letter) or "Judas 0" (zero)?
A: The alphabetical letter.
Although, the CD art does show Judas 0 (the O has a line struck through it, like noting a zero).


Q: How do you pronounce Ava as in "Ava Adore?"
A: Aay - Vuh
. Long "a" and an "uh" (aevuh)


Q: Is Machina pronounced "MACK - IN - UH", "MACHINE - UH" or what?
A: I think MATCH - INN - UH
... in Latin.


Q: How do you spell D'arcy's last name (maiden name)?
A: Wretzky


Q: How did Billy learn to play guitar?
A: According to the Howard Stern Show, Corgan never received guitar lessons. He also said that he did not know how to read musical scores.


Q: What is a B-Side?
A:'s definition An extra song on an artist's single/EP that is usually unreleased and was most likely rooted out of the full-length's album tracklist.
Some examples are (from the "Ava Adore" single): "Czarina", and "Once In A While". Pisces Iscariot and The Aeroplane Flies High Box Set are full of b-sides by the Pumpkins. I suggest you buy these CDs. It is interesting what doesn't make the LP cut.


Q: Are some Smashing Pumpkins songs spelled differently from the correct North American English spelling?
A: Yes.
Some examples are: "Rhinocerous" (rhinoceros), "Mayonaise" (mayonnaise), "Galapogos" (Galapagos) and Mellon Collie (melancholy).


Q: Is it Smashing Pumpkins as in "I went out smashing (verb) pumpkins," or is it "the absolutely smashing (adjective) pumpkins"?
A: Currently I believe it is the latter (adjective)
. SP officially added the "The" in front of their names starting with the Mellon Collie album. Previously they had "The" mentioned in liner notes. See Origin of Bandnames for more data.


Q: What did drummer Jimmy Chamberlin do after he was "laid off"?
A: He drummed for a band called Last Hard Men. The Last Hard Men covered Rod Stewart's 70's hit "Tonight's the Night". D'arcy of the supposedly provided back-up vocals in French, and though Jimmy Chamberlin is rumored to have not been mentioned for or about the song, he was included. The Hard Men appeared on the Scream soundtrack with their cover of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" can be found on the second-to-last track of the album.


Q: Was "Tear" to be originally on the Lost Highway soundtrack?
A: Apparently Yes. But Billy put "Eye" on the soundtrack (a solo effort) instead.


Q: Is Billy Corgan the kid in that movie Over The Top with Sylvester Stallone?
A: No Way! Here's Corgan's acting résumé

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