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memo: Over the years of internet splendor, I've dabbled in all aspects of web design. This is their story [cue credits].

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Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. 4.0
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The SP Heart (The Smashing Pumpkins) 8.0
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StevePrutz 6.1

Writings Database 0.9

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Brain of P.J. (Pearl Jam) 1.0 Beware of obtrusive advertising

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the Ultimate Music Link 1.0  Beware of obtrusive advertising

Offline Sites (available at
Arkadelphia Public Schools 1.0 (offline,
amalgam enterprises/Network (offline, IOCC)
Bloodcrescent Guild (offline, Freeservers) 4.0 (offline, IOCC)

IOCC Troubleshooter 1.5 (offline,
!conMania 1.0 (offline, IOCC)
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. 1.0 (offline, IOCC)
The SP Heart 2.0 (offline, GeoCities)
The SP Heart 6.0 (offline, Xoom)
Sweet Dreams IRC (offline, GeoCities [SiliconValley/Lakes/7630]
The Truth About Area 51 (offline, Angelfire)
UML (GeoCities [SunsetStrip/Palms/8145])
UML Artist Index (offline, Xoom)
UML Artist Index (offline, cosmic78)
White Sox Update (offline, GeoCities [Colosseum/7296])

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