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Q: Was Rambo involved in killing Usama bin Ladin?
A: Of course. Haven't you seen Rambo 3? He's been in Pakistan before, dolt!

Q: Why did it take Rambo so long to find Osama?
A: Bureaucrats.

Q: How many people has Rambo killed, total?

Q: Is there a fifth Rambo coming out?
A: YES! It is called Rambo: Live Free or Die Hurt

Q: Is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to be in Rambo V?
A: Think positive.

Q: What is the name of the love interest in the second movie?
A: "Co" (played by Julia Nickson). It should also be noted that Rambo's first headband was that of Co's red [prostitute] dress.

Q: Where do the Rambo movies take place?
A: First Blood is in the Washington State. Rambo 2 is in Vietnam. Rambo 3 is Afghanistan. Rambo 4 is in Thailand and Burma. Rambo 5 is in Arizona

Q: What is Rambo's middle name?
A: The books and movies only mention his middle initial, J. I think its James though.

Q: What is Rambo's military rank?
A: His Army rank is classified. All we civilians know is he below Colonel. If you knew more information, you would be a super general or president or something.

Q: Is there a video game depicting Rambo as a total unstoppable force?
A: Yes, there are many.
Hint: Rambo is invincible.

Q: Which one is the helicopter one? Only a Vietnam Vet could take on those Ruskie choppers.
A: Commie Helicopters are in 2 and 3. Rambo kills them with explosive arrows and a head on collision with a tank, respectively.

Q: I want a Rambo Knife for use in my home for tomatoes. Where can I get one?
A: First, consult a doctor. Then, check out this page. Then, check EBAY!

Q: Does Rambo use MySpace?
A: He doesn't have a computer! There is no internet access in Cambodia Monk Village and Arizona, anyways.

Q: Is a Rambo MMOG in development?
A: Ask your local computer store for a Vietnam Online! Maybe Rambo: Online Vengeance Against Everyone.

Q: What is the "epic Rambo manuever"?
A: See and

Q: Does the Rambo character represent Jesus?
A: The question is, was Jesus afraid of rats? He wasn't as buff as this:

This is not jesus christ

Q: Which one features a headband?
A: All the movies have headbands! 4x the enjoyment!

Q: Does Rambo's headband-donning mean he's mad?
A: You need to see the movies, idiot.

Q: Is the Rambo Headband available for purchase?
A: Check Ebay!

Q: Does Rambo train [or workout] with the headband on?
A: Rambo, in an interview attributed all of his successful trouncing of Vietcong and Russians to wrapping a piece of linen around his lovely raven locks.

Q: Does Rambo sleep with his headband?

Marshal Murdock

Q: Was that the same actor who played the sheriff (in the first one), and the politician (in the second one)?
A: No. You're getting Brian Dennehy and Charles Napier confused. Maybe go see the eye doctor.

Q: What is there to know about headbands and the rage center of the brain?
A: According to an expert doctor, the brain's blood vessels are constricted when a piece of cloth is wrapped around the skull.

Q: Are there some other web pages devoted to the Rambo Quadrilogy?
A: No. Stop asking.

Q: What's John Rambo's email address?
A: He doesn't use email! Because Hotmail is owned by a terrorist.

Q: Can I write a fan letter to Rambo?
A: Rambo is unavailable to receive parcels because of his hermitage.

Q: How do I contact Rambo? I need some A-Team-like help.
A: In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe.

Q: What other movies do you recommend?
A: Robocop and those movies with aliens and that yellow robot suit for moving supplies in the marines.

Q: What is the subtitle of Rambo III?
A: "Annihilation of Afghanistan".

Q: Will you make a controversial statement to increase page hits?
A: Wikipedia sucks. It is full of lies.


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