EverQuest Map Preserve 1.0
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...customized for EQEmulator's Project 1999


This archive was created to combat the (sad) loss of original EverQuest websites and their magical map secrets. Here lies an uncomplicated table of the pre-Luclin maps; the most definitive collection available. Sorted by era of implementation and alphabetically (by common name).

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Era Count
Zone Name Search code Other names
C1 12 maps Ak'Anon (with Basement) akanon Ak`Anon
C2 3 maps Arena arena

C3 8 maps Befallen befallen

C4 15 maps Blackburrow Den blackburrow Black Burrow
C5 8 maps Butcherblock Mountains butcher

C6 9 maps Cazic-Thule cazicthule Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule
C7 3 maps Crushbone crushbone Clan Crush Bone
C8 3 maps Dagnor's Cauldron cauldron

C9 5 maps East Commonlands ecommons Eastern Commons
C10 7 maps East Freeport freporte EFP

C11 2 maps East Karana eastkarana Eastern Plains of Karana
C12 4 maps Erudin (with Docks)
erudnext City of High Man
C13 4 maps Erudin Palace erudnint

C14 4 maps Erud's Crossing erudsxing

C15 8 maps Everfrost Peaks everfrost

C16 6 maps Feerrott feerrott

C17 4 maps Gorge of King Xorbb beholder Beholder's Maze
C18 16 maps Greater Faydark (with Kelethin) gfaydark

C19 5 maps Grobb grobb City of Skulls
C20 7 maps Halas halas

C21 4 maps High Keep highkeep HighHold Keep
C22 6 maps Highpass Hold highpass HighHold
C23 4 maps Innothule Swamp innothule

C24 10 maps Kedge Keep kedge

C25 5 maps Kerra Isle kerraridge Kerra Island
C26 5 maps Kithicor Forest kithicor Kithicor's Woods
C27 3 maps Lake Rathetear lakerathe Rathe Lake
C28 4 maps Lavastorm Mountains lavastorm

C29 7 maps Lesser Faydark lfaydark Lower Fay
C30 10 maps Lower Guk gukbottom Ruins of Old Guk
C31 12 maps Mistmoore mistmoore Castle Mistmoore
C32 5 maps Misty Thicket misty

C33 9 maps Nagafen's Lair (Sol B) soldungb Solusek B
C34 4 maps Najena najena

C35 8 maps Nektulos Forest nektulos

C36 7 mapss Neriak Commons neriakb

C37 7 maps Neriak Foreign Quarter neriaka Foreign Quarters
C38 6 maps Neriak Third Gate neriakc 3rd Gate
C39 5 maps North Freeport freportn NFP

C40 6 maps North Kaladim kaladimb

C41 3 maps North Karana northkarana Northern Plains of Karana
C42 4 maps North Qeynos qeynos2

C43 6 maps North Ro nro Northern Desert of Ro
C44 6 maps Northern Felwithe felwithea City of Marble

C45 3 maps Oasis of Marr oasis

C46 8 maps Ocean of Tears oot

C47 5 maps Oggok oggok

C48^ 7 maps Paineel paineel Painell

C49 14 maps Permafrost Keep permafrost

C50 9 maps Plane of Fear fearplane

C51^^ 5 maps Plane of Hate hateplane

C52^ 6 maps Plane of Sky airplane Plane of Air*
C53 5 maps Qeynos Catacombs qcat Qeynos Aqueduct System
C54 10 maps Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg

C55 6 maps Rathe Mountains rathemtn Mountains of Rathe
C56 5 maps Rivervale rivervale

C57^^ 15 maps RunnyEye runnyeye Clan Runny Eye
C58 6 maps Solusek's Eye (Sol A) soldunga  
C59^ 4 maps Solusek Ro soltemple Temple of Sol Ro
C61 6 maps South Karana southkarana Southern Plains of Karana
C62 4 maps South Qeynos qeynos

C63 5 maps South Ro sro Southern Desert of Ro
C64 5 maps Southern Felwithe felwitheb City of Marble

C65^^ 8 maps Splitpaw Lair paw Infected Paw
C66 4 maps Steamfont Mountains steamfont

C67 3 maps Surefall Glade qrg Surefall Glades

C60 5 maps South Kaladim kaladima

C68 5 maps Toxxulia Forest tox

C69 10 maps Unrest unrest Estate of Unrest
C70 7 maps Upper Guk guktop

C71 2 maps West Commonlands commons Western Commons
C72 3 maps West Freeport freportw WFP

C73 10 maps West Karana qey2hh1 "Qeynos 2 Highpass Hold"

5 maps Burning Woods burningwood The Burning Wood
K2^^ 19 maps Chardok chardok Dok
K3 9 maps City of Mist citymist Torsis
K4 11 maps Dalnir dalnir Crypt of Dalnir
K5 7 maps Dreadlands dreadlands

K6 6 maps Droga droga Temple of Droga
K7 4 maps East Cabilis (with Catacombs) cabeast Cabilis East, New Sebilis
K8 4 maps Emerald Jungle emeraldjungle

K9 5 maps Field of Bone fieldofbone

K10 4 maps Firiona Vie firiona  
K11 4 maps Frontier Mountains frontiermtns

K12^ 17 maps The Hole hole Ruins of Old Paineel
K13 6 maps Howling Stones charasis Charasis
K14 4 maps Kaesora kaesora Five Towers of Teraaz
K15 6 maps Karnor's Castle karnor

K16 4 maps Kurn's Tower kurn

K17 8 maps Lake of Ill Omen lakeofillomen  
K18 8 maps Nurga nurga Mines of Nurga
K19 7 maps Overthere overthere

K20 12 maps Sebilis sebilis Old Sebilis
K21 4 maps Skyfire Mountains skyfire

K22 3 maps Swamp of No Hope swampofnohope

K23* 12 maps Timorous Deep timorous

K24 4 maps Trakanon's Teeth trakanon Trak's Teeth, Dragon Drool

K25 5 maps Veeshan's Peak veeshan

K26 5 maps Warsliks Wood warslikswood Warslik's WoodS
K27 3 maps West Cabilis (with Catacombs) cabwest Cabilis West, New Sebilis

2 maps Cobalt Scar cobaltscar

V2 8 maps Crystal Caverns crystal Froststone

V3 5 maps Dragon Necropolis necropolis

V4 4 maps Eastern Wastes eastwastes

V5 6 maps Great Divide greatdivide

V6 7 maps Iceclad Ocean iceclad

V7 4 maps Icewell Keep thurgadinb

V8 9 maps Kael Drakkel kael (includes Iceshard Keep)
V9 3 maps Plane of Growth growthplane

V10 15 maps Plane of Mischief mischiefplane

V11 5 maps Siren's Grotto sirens

V12 14 maps Skyshrine skyshrine

V13 6 maps Sleeper's Tomb sleeper Kerafyrm's Lair
V14^ 3 maps Stonebrunt Mountains stonebrunt Stone Brunt

V15 7 maps Temple of Veeshan templeveeshan ToV (with Hall of Testing)

V16 5 maps Thurgadin thurgadina

V17 9 maps Tower of Frozen Shadow frozenshadow Frozen Shadows

V18 7 maps Velketor's Labyrinth velketor Velks
V19 3 maps Wakening Land wakening The Wakening LandS
V20^ 4 maps Warrens warrens

V21 2 maps Western Wastes westwastes

Caret (^) indicates a zone added by free content upgrade. Two carets (^^) indicate a zone revamped before Shadows of Luclin.

Disclaimer: I do not own the original rights on any of the images or graphics. All works are copyright © their respective owners. EverQuest is a registered trademark of Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) in the United States and/or other countries. Implemented Sept, 2010. StevePrutz.