Best of the Year (Musical Visions 2007 DVD) (CD)

Starting in 2006, a new tradition was born. A music CD of the best songs was created for all my close friends, as a New Year gift.

This is something new. For the first time, I have the ability to convert files into DVD-playable format. I wanted to go overboard and even include some classics from 2006. However, the resources and time were just not there, and I would rather plan for something spectacular next year.

Instead of a DVD, I am making the original formats available here for download. Many of these MPG, MOV and AVI videos are high quality, so as an end-user you may want to try converting them to a DVD format. Enjoy, and let me know if you have some ideas to share.

Step 1: Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. Default settings. That is all you need, it includes free QuickTime functionality! Restart Windows to ensure install went correctly!
Step 2: Find the file(s) you want below, and save them to your hard drive!
Step 3: Close browser window and relax on a beach.

Title Artist Director(s)
3's and 7's [explicit] Queens of the Stone Age Paul Minor
Tarantula Smashing Pumpkins P.R. Brown
Survivalism Nine Inch Nails Alex Lieu, Rob Sheridan and Trent Reznor

Shores of California

Dresden Dolls Andrew Bennett
Sensual Seduction Snoop Dogg Melina
Like a Rolling Stone Cornelius Kkoichiro Tsujikawa
If You Keep Losing Sleep Silverchair Damon Escott and Stephen Lance


Dave Gahan Jaron Albertin
Evil Son The Willowz Ace Norton
Empty Walls Serj Tankian Tony Petrossian

The Crystal Cat

Dan Deacon Jimmy Joe Roche
Le Crabe* Malajube Davide Disaro and Mihai Wilson
Capital* Lyapis Trubetskoy Alexey Terekhov
5. Reflections of a Sound Silverchair Damon Escott and Stephen Lance

4. Tonto

Battles United Visual Artists
3. Invincible Muse Jonnie Ross
2. Dashboard Modest Mouse Mathew Cullen and Grady Hall

1. Knife

Grizzly Bear Encyclopedia Pictura

An asterisk (*) denotes international entries.

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